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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  September 30, 2010 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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>> at 4:00 p.m., students in san jose are preparing to take an entire week off from school. even the school just started a few weeks ago. as christine connolly explains the district said that furloughs are a necessity because of the state budget crisis. >> class is in the san jose and union school district will be empty from october 4th-october 8th those four days are drastic these were the furlough days. this is why. with over $50 million in losses of the state funds in the two years. to balance the budget, it was either furlough days or teacher
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pink sport and wanted to ssave jobs, and with a 3 percent pay cut, and save 5 $9. this is what the super intended had to say. -five man in. >> teachers are figuring out how to make up those lessons. and perhaps in an accelerated manner and this is a time when we need more days, not less but it was a necessary step. >> in san jose, christine connolly. >> and 40 parents, this is disturbing they are concerned that perhaps the students will not get the education. this was their reaction. >> this as a society which cannot afford we cannot afford public school anymore? that could take five days off? >> and they need as much classroom time as possible but however, much class sizes are
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bigger. with the 30 students per class. what you get is a drain on the teachers. >> yes, this teacher is going to be hurting with five days left. it was already poor performing school. >> and what you think? >> call it off and let them go back to school so they can learn more. >> every day counts. it does count. >> some parents say that they understand the furlough means the district could preserve teaching jobs. however, the days of the crammed with more instruction to make up for it has them concerned about how much learning their children will be able to absorb from day today. we told you yesterday about the troubling increase in the injuries. two different public elementary schools and novado. sex children had broken limbs will plan on the brand new coffee---6 childre, >> staand kids playing back
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recess, and had to just only use this kickball. what this was off-limits, this yellow caution tape the said play structure closed. and and the five makeweeks, checked several children have suffered broken bones. here, you concealed from wednesday, the same playground in hamilton. after kron 4 started asking questions, the district close this down. here, you can see the same thing at rancho elementary. even though no accidents have been that this school that could be because there is not been enough time. these structures opened earlier this week. the district said that this is preemptive, and a pre-inspection was approved. now, these playground which was over $1,000,000.50 will have to be states broke off until the school board. to meet with the
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designer. it cost $1.5 million- a-maureen kelly. >> this developing story. and date to of the counter attacks involving republican gubernatorial, meg whitman. and her housekeeper, the questions of what did meg whitman know? and once again, she denies that she knew that she was an undocumented worker. she denied that she received a letter from the social security administration from 2003 that her number and name did not match. she accused her opponent, jerry brown of being tthe entire incident which he is calling a political smear to the make a mistake that these allegations are completely untrue. we saw that she was part of our family. once we saw that she was an illegal alien when it to terminate her unemployment. my husband nor i received any
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letter from the social security administration. if there is a letter of there? i do not know how they got it is not in our house. frankly, i think jerry brown who of what his allies have been trying to do. perhaps jerry brown has been into politics too long. to know anything else in this is a baseless smear attacks and he should be ashamed of himself. >> less than one hour of the nethe news conference, and the housekeeper and the attorney was back into cameras that meg whitman is lying. dan kerman joins us. >> and not only did she talk about the 2003 sixth she showed it, that letter, and on it a note from petco husband of meg whitman. >> her husband denied receiving the letter. please look at the bottom of this letter. on it,
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dr. marsh has written " vicki, please check this. thank you. ". >> and he recognizes this as the riding of dr. hirsch. since his return are several notes. the handwriting--and then he gave this to niki that is what she has it. after that, he never asked her to return this to meg whitman or to him. we conclude that they did not return a 2003 letter because they wanted to continue to employ an undocumented worker. she was easier to exploit and a documented one. today, we have clearly proven with the release of this letter that mag whitman lied to the press and the public. when she said " we never received that letter and
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identification ". >> after all of that one of the document it is that signature docume authentic? >> with that question, she is not have the signature authenticated whoever, a housekeeper confirm said. and additional documentation that to st. louiand she is hanging on te documents and could be releasing more tomorrow. >> shortly after this news conference meg whitman c. husband released this statement. this statement
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among other news, vallejo police are looking for a man in a fatal shooting and that his daughter might be with them. 20 year-old jonas peacock with his four year-old daughter. and the woman was found dead on this street and peacock left the hall with the daughter. they are concerned for the child. he is described as 6 ft., 4 in., armed, 28 year- old. the mother of los gatos has surrendered to police after a child sex charges were filed. sarah cronin was booked yesterday into the santa clara county jail. she has been charged with three counts of unlawful sex with a minor. a search warrant was served to our home and seized her computer equipment, telephone. police were contacted with the parents of the victims'. two months ago.
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>> and the public i requesting hethe police are requesting identification request on this video. and approaching this woman from behind he had a knife and placed his or around the victim's neck. while demanding money. he took that money and ran and he is suspected as a thin, african-american, 5-10 in.-6 ft.. dreadlocks, and a mustache. >> and a look at our weather, the continuing cool down towards the weekend but morning low clouds, fog and afternoon sunshine. temperatures will gradually cool off a few more degrees. sunday will be the coolest day and inland are barely near 80! and we are looking for a warming trend towards the middle of next week and not nearly as hot as it was this week.
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a fremont police officer was in court today. barrientos is facing 13 police accounts. after the shooting he did a carjacking and fled to southern california and the rest of the border of mexico. this is video of the day of the court hearing. for barrientos and two other accused of being accomplices entered not guilty pleas. meanwhile, the chief of police of fremont says that the wounded is still in the hospital as a result of the injury. >> he has some pain in the right foot, nerve damage, physical therapy for that. you know, he has a sense of humor back but and he is laying there with this big, old-fashi aopen-8-10-incis. and he has been in that same
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hospital bed for one month. he is very active and work out a lot. and he wants to get up and move a but he cannot and it is frustrating for him. he wants to be able to get this over with and get back to work if he can. he is not looking forward to more surgery but he is going to have that one and then another one. >> there's still a fight, and the time you go into surgery there was always a risk. >> and in addition to surgery the officer will go undergo a rigorous therapy over the next several months. after that, the chief will expect him to return to active duty some time next year. >> traffic at the golden gate bridge, the fog is beginning to roll in. traffic on the rice dright side is moving and a bit of a backup on the left side that is the toll plaza getting into san francisco. we will be right back there is much more
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>> a huge recall 10 million toys! from fisher-price. with 14 different tricycles including this. several have been hurting calling on that ignition key. you can see it right there and also 23 different kind of high chairs. this " healthy chair ". with 14 children being caughut n the late . >> also inflatable toys, that ball in the middle is considered a choking hazard this is what parents is had to say. >> parents that i had to speak with had mixed reactions about the fisher-price recall. most are happy that they're happy they're fixing it but the concern of tassafety testing, ad
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design is came over and over again. >> and it is a concern because some money proproblems of gone through the and the with some money gone through. the potential for a child to get hurt, and you always trust a brand like fisher-price. >> it seems like a company's should do a better job and i'm sure ever recall a strength but perhaps they should do a better job before putting these things onto the market. fed >> well, it was pretty alarming that so many items were effected. i know that we have a lot of fisher-price items at home. to go through and see what our son can have and get rid of it is kind of surprising. >> after walking to the store, the items were made by fisher- price. and it is just a little shocking because it is a very trusting brand. >> in every bill, kron 4-
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emmerich tel. >> and emeryville. >> kimberly? >> we have a complete list, and have no fear! with all these different products specifically let us take a look get the tricycles. all of these, what barbie, our psyche, and when you look through- kawasaki and this bottom part is the important part it will ask you if your tricycle has been recalled? in the third question. if you own this? and then click continue it will take you to an image of a closer look at the tricycle. and the ignition key that is in question that is resulting in a children's injuries. also scrolling down a closer look at the ignition key and the question.
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in the war news link there is a direct link. and you can find out, if your children's products have been part of the recall. >> new labor department numbers for benefits dropped last week! the third consecutive week in four weeks. they fell by 16,000. 453000 a sign that employers are cutting fewer jobs. analysts expected a smaller drop. >> an oakland, up there, state, local federal's and companies including comcast, allied security. derrik could get their resume critiqued for free. and the stock market, the down was down. and the nasdaq was also down by eight points. meanwhile, more and more homes are going into foreclosure. and as a stephanie reports, that fog paperwork could put a flaw.
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>> the number of foreclosure is one-quarter of the real-estate market. according to a recent report, 2000 properties are in some state could be a bargain for prospective buyers as they sold for 26% less than non- foreclosure. however, that is not as steep as the 35 discount in the first quarter. the state with the highest is nevada. over one half of all real-estate transactions. arizona, california with the next a list. and next could go down j.p. morgan is saying that the was flawed paperwork with 56,000 borrowers in 23 states. wall street analysts say that j.p. morgan could pressure other banks to follow suit. that paper work to the industry-wide. allied financial need a similar move last week. i am stephanie in york. >> and n.y..
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>> and san francisco, the 8101 split. in an 80, it is trying to crawl toward the lower deck of the bay bridge. the bottom of your bridge is medium clip south on 101. we will be right back. are only one hundred thirty miles apart. they may as well be on different planets. sacramento, mismanaged, ineffective. silicon valley gave us apple, intel, ebay. here meg whitman started with 30 people. led them. managed them. executed the plan that grew this main street company
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money-back guarantee -- plus dvr is included. hey, do you want to experience a better bundle -- at&t, right? you got it. [ female announcer ] build a bundle that's right for you. at&t. >> the white house may soon have to post a new job opening. white house chief of staff rahm emanuel, race in chicago. this is been anticipated that mayor daley who is not going to run for reelection. today, the comments. and there would not confirm. >> indian band that the chief of staff were to leave. -in the event that the chief of staff were to leave it would be extraordinary conditions like the mayor's race in chicago. aho >> i think that his leadership.
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energy, has, has helped us accomplish so much. helping our economy recover recover, with health-care reform, a credit card perform, student loan reform. all of the things. there is not an important thing that we are able to accomplish that he has not been involved with. heavily with his signature. >> the white house says that president obama will make a personnel bosannouncement but is not actually related to the departure. and there is a favored taking shape for the
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